4TH meeting, Levice, Slovakia

The meeting was held in 22/10 – 26/10, 2019 and was attended by 27 secondary school students and 10 teachers from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey.


Meeting schedule:

– presentation of created project results and completion of planned workshops

– activities for students: I am a volunteer. And you? (importance, motives, opportunities, benefits and pitfalls of volunteering, typology and global dimension of volunteering, examples of good practice from partner schools)

– the theme of activities for teachers: Teachers´ development

working session of teachers:

  • Current issues of project management
  • Evaluation of the 4th meeting
  • Preparation of the 5th meeting in Boskovice, CZ
  • Implementation of project results in DVD among partner schools

Students´ workshops:

Plant the friendship trees: planting 5 conifers and 1 decorative apple tree as the symbols of partnership in the project, marked with tables with school names and logos

Why become a volunteer? (discussion about volunteer rescue activity with professional rescuer, mapping of volunteer feeling of participants via the questionnaire)

They live among us (visit and workshop at the “Island” center for disabled people)

Volunteering brings us together (discussion and workshop with Youth for Equality representative on Erasmus + volunteering opportunities for young people in Europe, creating a personal business plan using the Canvas method, group presentations, suggestions of suitable volunteering activities for team members)


Excursions – traditions of medieval mining and cultural heritage of Slovakia

– Kremnica: castle, guided tour in the mint

– Banská Štiavnica: historical center, Bank of Love (Andrej Sládkovič and Marína)

Cultural and social events:

– Participation of partners in the ceremonial Academy on the 40th anniversary of the school foundation, their performance in the program

– Maxima Margit-Ilona wine house: wine tourism in the region, wine cellar tour with commentary

– certification of the meeting participants.


 All planned tasks were fulfilled during the 4th meeting. Activities were focused on motivation to volunteer activities, development of cultural, communication, presentation skills, critical thinking, teamwork and organizational skills, sharing experience. All the results generated will be usable in education in the partner schools.

The next meeting is awaiting us in March 2020 in the Czech town of Boskovice.

We look forward to further time together with our friends from the partner schools.

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